ARNIC members presented at TPRC

Our ARNIC member Dr. Erezi Ogbo presented her paper titled Acceptance and Effective Use of Virtual Assistants, co-authored with Professor Janice Hauge. In this paper, they investigate how individuals use virtual assistants to complete various household tasks. They further identify characteristics that are associated with individuals’ willingness and ability to use virtual assistants effectively. 

Associate Professor and ARNIC Director Hernan Galperin moderated a panel at the 49th Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC). The panel features three research papers…. Read More » “ARNIC members presented at TPRC”

ARNIC and CETF Collaborate on Research to Expand Affordable Broadband

In partnership with the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and with the support of the Pew Charitable Trust, the ARNIC research team led by Professor François Bar and Hernán Galperin are researching to identify effective and sustainable strategies to provide affordable Internet to all Americans.

The research team is looking for models that can produce high returns on investment to help decision-makers, Internet service providers (ISP), and corporate, educational, and philanthropic leaders. The team is reviewing models include direct subsidy vouchers provided to qualified consumers,… Read More » “ARNIC and CETF Collaborate on Research to Expand Affordable Broadband”

Meet our new postdoctoral researcher – Erezi Ogbo

This academic year, Dr. Erezi Ruth Ogbo will join ARNIC as a postdoctoral associate researcher. She will be working with Professor Hernan Galperin and Professor François Bar on issues of the digital divide. Erezi has exciting ongoing research projects and is willing to share her research with the ARNIC community!

What are your general research interests?

I am interested in developing solutions to bridge the digital divide. My research primarily examines user acceptance of technology,… Read More » “Meet our new postdoctoral researcher – Erezi Ogbo”

ARNIC Research Team Presents at the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting

ARNIC alumni Nathaniel Ming Curran (now an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University), ARNIC member Lichen Zhen and ARNIC’s director Professor Hernan Galperin presented their paper at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Their paper is entitled Race and Gender in the Gig Economy: Evidence from Online Language Learning. 

This paper is part of ARNIC’s ongoing research project on discrimination and inequality in the gig economy…. Read More » “ARNIC Research Team Presents at the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting”