November 10, 2016

Visit from Donald Abelson, Former FCC International Bureau Chief

Donald Abelson, former chief of the FCC International Bureau, and now Principal at Sudbury International LLC, will visit in November to speak with ARNIC team members about a wide range of Internet governance policy and technical issues.  He will also discuss with the research group how academics can conduct relevant research and contribute toward national and international policy work.
About Sudbury International LLC: 
Sudbury International LLC provides policy and strategic advice to a global client base on a wide range of trade,… Read More » “Visit from Donald Abelson, Former FCC International Bureau Chief”

October 13, 2016

Guest talk by Professor Nagle

Frank Nagle is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Marshall School of Business at USC. He studies the economics of IT and digitization with a focus on free digital goods using large datasets from online social networks, financial market information, and surveys of enterprise IT usage. His research examines how the digital economy and crowdsourcing are weakening firm boundaries and causing mismeasurements of productivity measures like GDP.
Prior to academia, Frank worked in information security where he responded to corporate hackings and developed a bootcamp that all FBI cyber agents must pass before entering the field…. Read More » “Guest talk by Professor Nagle”