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Hernan Galperin


Hernán Galperin (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Research Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where he is affiliated with the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication. Previously, he served as Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Technology and Society at the Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina). He is also a Research Fellow at CONICET, the national science council of Argentina, Steering Committee member for DIRSI, a regional ICT policy research consortium based at the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP) in Lima, Peru, and Research Fellow at Telecom CIDE in Mexico City, Mexico.

His research centers on digital inequalities and the impact of Internet adoption in development contexts. His current research focuses on three main topics:  a) the determinants of Internet adoption and levels of online engagement among low-income families; b) discrimination in online labor markets; c) the poverty-reduction impact of financial inclusion programs based on mobile banking platforms. These research projects are funded by a variety of institutions, including IDRC (Canada), CONICET (Argentina), the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

Selected publications

Journal articles (selected):

  • Galperin, H., &  Viecens, M. F. (2017). Connected for Development? Theory and evidence about the impact of Internet technologies on poverty alleviation. Development Policy Review. Pre-publication version (pdf).
  • Galperin, H. (2016). Localizing Internet infrastructure: Cooperative peering in Latin America. Telematics and Informatics 33(2): 631-640. Pre-publication version (pdf).
  • Galperin, H., & Ruzzier, C. (2013). Price elasticity of demand for broadband: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean. Telecommunications Policy 37: 429–438. Pre-publication version (pdf).
  • Galperin, H., Mariscal, J., & Viecens, F. (2013). One Goal, Different Strategies: An analysis of national broadband plans in Latin America. Info: The journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications 15(3): 25-38. Pre-publication (pdf).
  • Galperin, H. (2012). Prices and quality of broadband in Latin America: Benchmarking and trends. Economics of Networks eJournal 4(64). Available at SSRN.
  • Aranha, M., Galperin, H., & Bar, F. (2011). Restricted mobility and fixed-mobile convergence in Brazil. Info: The journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications 13(1): 32-42.Pre-publication version (pdf).
  • Barrantes, R., & Galperin, H. (2008). Can the poor afford mobile telephony? Evidence from Latin America. Telecommunications Policy 32(8): 521-530. Pre-publication version (pdf).
  • Galperin, H., & Bar, F. (2006). The Microtelco Opportunity: Evidence from Latin America. Information Technologies and International Development 3(2): 73-86.Available online.
  • Galperin, H. (2004). Beyond Interests, Ideas, and Technology: An Institutional Approach to Communication and Information Policy. The Information Society 20(3): 159-168. Available online.

Working papers:

  • Galperin, H., & Greppi, C. Geographical Discrimination in Digital Labor Platforms. Available at SSRN.
  • Galperin, H., Alvarez-Hamelin, I., Viecens, F. Do Internet Exchange Points Really Matter? Evidence from Bolivia. Available at SSRN.
  • Aguerre, C., & Galperin, H. Internet Policy Formation in Latin America. Available from Center for Global Communication Studies at UPenn.


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Book chapters (selected):

  • Katz, R., & Galperin, H. (2013). The demand gap: Drivers and public policies. In Jordán, V., Galperin, H., & Peres, W. (eds.), Broadband in Latin America: Beyond Connectivity. Santiago de Chile: CEPAL, pp. 33-68. Available online.
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