Data Localization Regulations and their Impact on Digital Trade: Prof. Varadharajan Sridhar (IIT Bangalore)

Friday, May 28th, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Governments around the world have been restricting cross border data flow through “data localization” regulations, driven in part by concerns of privacy, national security, surveillance, and cyber terrorism. In this seminar, Prof. Varadharajan Sridhar (IIT Bangalore) will discuss his research on data localization and digital trade. Dr. V. Sridhar is Professor at the Centre for IT and Public Policy at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, India ( . He is the author of two books published by the Oxford University Press: The Telecom Revolution in India: Technology, Regulation and Policy (2012), and The Dynamics of Spectrum Management: Legacy, Technology, and Economics (2014). His third book titled Emerging ICT Polices and Regulations: Roadmap to Digital Economies was published in 2019 by Springer Nature. He is currently editing a book titled Data Centric Living: Algorithms, Digitization and Regulation, to be published by Routledge. Dr. Sridhar has taught at many Institutions in the USA, Finland, New Zealand and India. He has received funding from different sources, both national and international for his research projects, recent ones being from Facebook and Azim Premji University Research Foundation. He has been a member of Government of India committees on Telecom and IT and has published many peer reviewed articles in telecom and information systems journals.