Colin Maclay

Colin M. Maclay currently serves as Research Professor and Executive Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC. Situated at the intersections of disciplines, sectors and communities, the Lab takes a think + do approach to exploring relationships among media, technology, culture and society. Colin has long been motivated to understand how radical changes in information and communications affect otherwise immutable organizations and institutions, including their complex interaction with people. Ultimately, his works asks what areas of understanding and associated actions can help emerging technologies and practices to work for – not against – people and society broadly…. Read More » “Colin Maclay”

François Bar

François Bar is Professor of Communication and Spatial Sciences at the University of Southern California. He serves on the Annenberg Innovation Lab research council and is a steering committee member of the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication. His research and teaching explore the social and economic impacts of information technologies, with a specific focus on telecommunication policy, user-driven innovation and technology appropriation. His most recent work examines the potential of information technology for economic,… Read More » “François Bar”

Hernán Galperin

Hernán Galperin (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Associate Professor at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California, where he is also Director of the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication. He is also affiliated with the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, the USC Price Center for Social Innovation and the USC Spatial Analysis Lab. In addition, Dr. Galperin is Non-Resident Fellow at Centro Latam Digital,… Read More » “Hernán Galperin”

Jonathan Aronson, Founding Director

Jonathan Aronson is Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California, as well as Professor of International Relations at USC.
Professor Aronson writes on issues related to international communication policy, globalization and international trade and trade negotiations. His current research focuses on ways in which communication and network developments related to privacy, equity, standard setting, competition policy, and international intellectual property shape the path of globalization. His most recent writings consider the implications of new communications technologies for globalization and international communications competition…. Read More » “Jonathan Aronson, Founding Director”

Manuel Castells

Manuel Castells is University Professor and the Wallis Annenberg Chair in Communication Technology and Society at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. He is Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and holds joint appointments in the Department of Sociology, in the School of Policy, Planning, and Development, and in the School of International Relations.
He is, as well, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, where he was Professor of City and Regional Planning and Professor of Sociology from 1979 to 2003 before joining USC…. Read More » “Manuel Castells”

Andrea Alarcon

Andrea’s interests lie in the intersection of ICTD and cultural internet studies, as well as transculturalism and multilingualism on the web. She is particularly interested in the appropriation of social media in developing countries, especially as gateways to the web, and the influence of socioeconomic background and entrenched inequalities on the online experience. She received her MSc degree from the Oxford Internet Institute, and her BSc in online journalism from the University of Florida. She also worked as a Research Assistant with Microsoft Research’s Social Media Collective…. Read More » “Andrea Alarcon”

Anna Loup

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Anna Loup focused her undergraduate research on cooperative development, ICT, and gender. Her undergraduate thesis studied the interactions of female immigrant cooperative members with technology within the private and public spheres.
Her current research looks at the social, political, and economic implications of the Internet’s policy and technical structures. A former researcher at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Anna managed data collection and publication for the Generic Top-level Domains Program (gTLD)…. Read More » “Anna Loup”

Cerianne Robertson

Cerianne Robertson is a first-year PhD student in communications at USC-Annenberg. She researches the media narratives, discourses, and practices that sustain power relations, as well as the opportunities available to disrupt and change them. She is particularly interested in the stories we tell about cities. Cerianne previously worked as the Editor and Media Monitoring Coordinator for, a Rio de Janeiro-based media platform that emerged to amplify favela resident perspectives and monitor urban transformations in the build-up to the 2016 Olympics…. Read More » “Cerianne Robertson”

Hoan (Sarah) Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen is a PhD student at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication. Her research interests lie in the field of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Society, with a focus on technology for social change, digital humanities and (in)equalities. Her studies investigate the role technology and new media, such as the mobile phone and Internet, play in transnational migration processes, the empowerment of underserved populations, as well as various forms of socio-political changes. She is also interested in issues of power,… Read More » “Hoan (Sarah) Nguyen”

Juan Ortiz Freuler

Juan Ortiz Freuler is an incoming PhD student at Annenberg, and an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center. Juan explores how political systems can be affected by design choices at the internet and web layers of the stack.
Juan is also Co-Initiator of the Non-Aligned Tech Movement, an Associate at JustLabs and a member of the Tierra Común network of researchers. Between 2017 and 2020 Juan was a Senior Policy Fellow at the Web Foundation, where he provided support to Tim Berners-Lee,… Read More » “Juan Ortiz Freuler”

Kurt Daum

Kurt is a first-year PhD student in Urban Planning and Development at the Price School of Public Policy, and is currently studying the implications of the digital divide in Skid Row and beyond with ARNIC. More broadly, his research interests lie in the areas of homelessness, community planning, critical GIS, and recently, queer studies. Kurt received his BA in geography from the University of Miami where he researched and published on the electronic waste trade in West Africa…. Read More » “Kurt Daum”

Lichen Zhen

Lichen Zhen is a Ph.D. student at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. Prior to joining Annenberg, she received her B.A. in Journalism from Wuhan University and her M.A. from the Radio, Television and Film department at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests lie at the intersection of social network analysis, online group collaboration, and organizational communication. She is especially interested in how individuals use technology to form groups,… Read More » “Lichen Zhen”

Nahoi Koo

Nahoi Koo received her B.A. in Communication Studies and Economics from Northwestern University. She also has a minor degree in Chinese Language & Culture. During her undergraduate years, she spent her summers studying abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and Korea University in Seoul, South Korea. She has also completed internships at Edelman PR agency and South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which led to her interests in studying discourse that involves state-to-state and state-to-public communication in the context of globalization and modernity…. Read More » “Nahoi Koo”

Olivia Gonzalez

Olivia Gonzalez is a PhD student at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Diego with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Her honors thesis, “‘Mom and dad don’t get it’: Investigating Adolescents’ Motivations for Participating in the Internet Meme Genre”, explored how adolescents utilize Internet memes in their digital communication practices to shape their interpersonal relationship and identity formation.
Olivia is a Ronald E. McNair scholar, and a member of the Lambda Pi Eta and Phi Beta Kappa national honor societies…. Read More » “Olivia Gonzalez”

Paulina Lanz

Paulina Lanz is a PhD student at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication. She identifies in buildings and urban place a source of memoirs and nostalgia, which are essential to media foundations. Alongside her academic background with a BA in Communications and an MA in Art Studies from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City), cities have led her to research a convergence among culture and media studies at the hand of film. The theoretical immersion to an empirical method of approaching film and cultural studies through an aesthetic perspective stimulated an interdisciplinary commitment from former disciplines to present endeavor;… Read More » “Paulina Lanz”

Sarah Clayton

A proud “northerner” from the UK, Sarah Clayton earned her BA in New Media and her LLM in Cyberlaw from the University of Leeds. Her undergraduate thesis examined the IPTV regulatory landscape and her focus shifted to human rights, intellectual property, and access to knowledge during her LLM. While at university, she coauthored a book chapter: Social Media Marks: Adapting Traditional Rights Protection to the Evolving Communications Landscape, represented the UK at the United Nations-funded New Media Summer School: The Web of Tomorrow is Yours in Stockholm,… Read More » “Sarah Clayton”

Sierra Bray

Sierra Bray is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Annenberg School of Communication. Passionate about bridging the principles of organizational communication with critical and cultural theory, Sierra’s research areas include the social construction of power in organizations, the effects of gender dynamics and gender stereotypes on group members, and the relationship of technology to historically marginalized communities. Prior to Annenberg, Sierra graduated summa cum laude from the University of Portland with a B.S. in Organizational Communication and Spanish…. Read More » “Sierra Bray”

Soyun Ahn

Soyun is a Ph.D. student at USC Annenberg. Her research explores how information technologies, communication practices, and political systems interact to bring about social change.
Prior to USC, she earned her MA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and BA in Law from Yonsei University in South Korea. In between, she worked for a tech company building a social media platform for four years…. Read More » “Soyun Ahn”

Thai V. Le

Thai, currently a Ph.D. student at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California (USC), is studying the causes and effects of institutionalized inequities on community development and social mobility. His work and research have included the intersection of mental health and homelessness, disaggregating Asian American Pacific Islander data, the efficacy of social impact bonds on relieving homelessness, food security in low-income communities, and post-natural disaster development among marginalized groups. Prior to his time at USC,… Read More » “Thai V. Le”

Araba Sey

Araba is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington’s Information School. She studies the social and economic implications of information and communication technologies (ICT) in developing countries. Her areas of interest include industry and user appropriation of mobile phones in low and middle-income countries, micro-entrepreneurship in the mobile phone industry, ICTs and disability, and recreational uses of ICTs. Araba holds a Ph.D. in communication from the University of Southern California…. Read More » “Araba Sey”

Arul Chib

Dr. Arul Chib, Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, and Director of the Singapore Internet Research Center, studies the contribution of information and communication technologies towards positive development outcomes. His research agenda focuses on the impact and role of mobile phones in healthcare systems in resource-constrained environments of developing countries, and in transnational migration to developed countries. Dr. Chib is increasingly interested in issues of power, with one research trajectory focusing on the intersection of gender with technology,… Read More » “Arul Chib”

Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim

Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim is a doctoral student at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Broadly speaking, his research is situated in media, political, and cultural psychology, seeking to shed light on the influence of different cultural and national identities on attitudinal and behavioral metrics pertaining to social change. When looking at these processes, he also considers the role of media consumption, and the impact of different types of messaging, on attitude and behavioral change…. Read More » “Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim”

Jack Qiu

Jack Linchuan Qiu is a Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he serves as deputy director of the C-Centre (Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research). His publications include World’s Factory in the Information Era 信息时代的世界工厂 (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2013),Working-Class Network Society (MIT Press, 2009),Mobile Communication and Society (co-authored, MIT Press, 2006), some of which have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Korean…. Read More » “Jack Qiu”

Jingyi Sun

Before joining Annenberg as a PhD student, Jingyi Sun was a TV professional with China Central TV for nearly seven years. She worked in the exciting and challenging field of international news reporting for five years, during which she gained substantial knowledge about international affairs, and then joined a feature talk show program dedicated to cross-cultural communication. Prior to her career with CCTV4, she obtained BA in Journalism and English from Beijing Foreign Studies University and Master’s degree in Film Aesthetics from University of Oxford…. Read More » “Jingyi Sun”

Martin Hilbert

Dr. Martin Hilbert pursues a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the role of information, communication, and knowledge in the development of complex social systems. He holds doctorates in Economics and Social Sciences (2006; F.A.U. Germany), and in Communication (2012; University of Southern California, USC).
Before joining UC Davis, he created and coordinated the Information Society Programme of United Nations Regional Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean ( In his 15 years as United Nations Economic Affairs Officer he provided hands-on technical assistance in the field of digital development to Presidents,… Read More » “Martin Hilbert”

Matthew Bui

Matthew N. Bui researches the potential for, and obstacles to, social and political change through the use of communication and technology as tools for intervention. He is particularly interested in issues pertaining to diversity and empowerment within urban communities, and how national and international digital policies and initiatives can foster civic engagement and economic development.
The son of immigrant parents, Matt has written, presented, and taught workshops on topics such as texting and conflict resolution, selfies and reciprocity,… Read More » “Matthew Bui”

Namkee Park

Namkee Park is Associate Professor and Underwood Distinguished Professor at the Department of Communication, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. After graduating from the Annenberg School for Communication in 2007, he worked as an assistant professor at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma (OU). Being tenured and promoted to an associate professor at OU, he moved to his alma mater in South Korea, Yonsei University.

His academic interests include social and psychological implications of communication technologies along with computer-mediated communication (CMC)…. Read More » “Namkee Park”

Nathalie Marechal

Nathalie Maréchal is a PhD candidate in Communication at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and holds a BA in International Studies and MA in International Communication, both from American University. She has published articles about human rights advocacy in the digital age, surveillance of welfare recipients in the United States, and media coverage of WikiLeaks. She is currently writing her dissertation, “Defying Censorship, Evading Surveillance: The Political Economy of Circumvention Technology.”
In 2016,… Read More » “Nathalie Marechal”

Nathaniel Ming Curran

Nathaniel Ming Curran is a PhD student at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and
Journalism. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin Madison and earned his MA at the
University of California Berkeley. At Berkeley, he conducted research at the intersection of
education, identity, and the English language in South Korea.
His current research focuses on new technology and the discourse/practice of globalization. In
particular, he is interested in the ways globalization and its effects are imagined,… Read More » “Nathaniel Ming Curran”

Rachel Moran

Rachel received a BA Hons (Cantab) in Social and Political Science at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, where she focused on political engagement and networks. She then went on to study Political Communications at Goldsmiths College, University of London, gaining top honors for her thesis on media indexing in the reporting of the 2012 Benghazi attacks.
Rachel’s research focuses on political communications particularly the links between communications platforms and socio-political engagement and the rise of professionalization and marketization in politics…. Read More » “Rachel Moran”

Rong Wang

Rong Wang is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Networks for Non-profit and Social Impact (NNSI) at Northwestern University. She is interested in non-profit advocacy, network analysis, organizational communication, and ICT for development. At NNSI, she is currently working on an Army Research Office (ARO) grant examining collective impact and education reform.
Rong has published her work in Mass Communication and Society, International Journal of Communication, Journal of Community Psychology,… Read More » “Rong Wang”

Seungyoon Lee

Seungyoon Lee, Associate Professor at the Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University, received her Ph.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California in 2008.
Her research interest focuses on the evolution of communication, knowledge, and collaboration networks in and across organizations over time. Her current emphasis is on applying theories of socio-cultural evolution to complex forms of networks including multiplex and multimodal networks. Her ongoing projects examine the evolution of creative interaction and social ties in project teams;… Read More » “Seungyoon Lee”

Shabnam Shalizi

Specializing in global development impact and effectiveness, Shabnam Shalizi’s doctoral work at USC builds on her applied experience as a practitioner leading and supporting engagements in diverse landscapes, including the volatile setting of war. Her emphasis on communications and change stems from her performance measurement portfolio across multiple countries and sectors, including women’s economic empowerment, climate change, rule of law, food security and public financial management. Shabnam’s research interests include levers for change in how business and aid can work to build and maintain lasting,… Read More » “Shabnam Shalizi”

Sulafa Zidani

Sulafa Zidani is a doctoral student at USC Annenberg. She researches new media, participatory culture, and digital language and power dynamics, with special interest in China and the Arab World.
Sulafa is a speaker of English, Arabic, Hebrew, Mandarin, and French. Prior to joining Annenberg, she worked as a teacher, research assistant, and translator in Palestine, Israel, China, and the US.
She earned her BA and MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Asia Studies and Communication and Journalism…. Read More » “Sulafa Zidani”

Xiangyu Li

Xiangyu Li is an MPL student in the Urban Planning program at the Sol Price School of Public Policy, and currently involved in the Connected Cities project with ARNIC. He received his B.E. in GIS and Cartography from Tongji University. He is also a partner of Beijing Tanizon LLC—a startup focuses on providing industrial photogrammetry and surveillance UAV solutions (
He has the following patents under his name: the Invention Patent for Multi-UAV Cooperative Surveying Based on Integer Linear Programming;… Read More » “Xiangyu Li”

Annette Kim

Annette M. Kim, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the Sol Price School of Public Policy. She is also the Director of SLAB, the newly formed spatial analysis laboratory at Price that advances the visualization of the social sciences for public service through teaching, research, and public engagement.
Her current research examines the livelihood strategies of migrants and immigrants in rapidly growing Asian cities through spatial ethnography and humanistic cartography. She has also researched the development of real estate markets and the reformation of property rights in transition countries in Eastern Europe and Asia…. Read More » “Annette Kim”

Ellen Helsper

Dr Ellen Helsper is Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her current research interests include the links between social and digital inclusion; (digital) media audiences, mediated interpersonal communication; and quantitative and qualitative methodological developments in media research.
She is currently involved in the following research projects: Socio-digital Skills of Disadvantaged Young People for the Prince’s Trust (i.e…. Read More » “Ellen Helsper”

Frank Nagle

Frank Nagle is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Marshall School of Business at USC. He studies the economics of IT and digitization with a focus on free digital goods using large datasets from online social networks, financial market information, and surveys of enterprise IT usage. His research examines how the digital economy and crowdsourcing are weakening firm boundaries and causing mismeasurements of productivity measures like GDP.
Prior to academia, Frank worked in information security where he responded to corporate hackings and developed a bootcamp that all FBI cyber agents must pass before entering the field…. Read More » “Frank Nagle”

Judith Mariscal Aviles

Judith Mariscal (Ph.D. in Public Policy from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) and Director of the Telecommunications Research Program (Telecom-CIDE). Telecom-CIDE has been creating and disseminating knowledge on ICT for development for the past fifteen years. She is a member at the highest level (III) of the National Research System in Mexico (SNI), and member of the Steering Committee of the Regional Dialogue on the Information Society (DIRSI),… Read More » “Judith Mariscal Aviles”

Marcio Iorio Aranha

Marcio Iorio Aranha is a tenured Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Brasilia School of Law, Coordinator of the Center on Law and Regulation ( and Director of the Center for Communications Policy, Law, Economics and Technology (CCOM) at the University of Brasilia. He is a Research Affiliate with the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC) at the University of Southern California and a past Visiting Fellow…. Read More » “Marcio Iorio Aranha”

Valerie D’Costa

Valerie D’Costa is the Senior Private Sector Specialist in charge of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program at the World Bank Group.
A multifaceted leader with 25+ years of international development and technology experience, Valerie has proven strengths in managing ambitious programs, capacity building, international negotiations and advocacy, and engaging stakeholders from public, private and NGO communities. Her subject matter expertise is in relation to issues of ICTs, technology for development and the Internet. Moreover, she has a talent for bringing public and private donors together and aligning partners and resources in funding programmatic partnerships;… Read More » “Valerie D’Costa”

Erezi Ruth Ogbo

Dr. Erezi Ruth Ogbo is a postdoctoral associate researcher working with Professors François Bar and Hernan Galperin to identify how best to sustainably connect low-income households to high-speed Internet service they can afford and use. She is currently on a one-year leave from North Carolina Central University, where she serves as a visiting assistant professor and distance education coordinator in the School of Library and Information Science.
In her research, Dr. Ogbo studies the digital divides,… Read More » “Erezi Ruth Ogbo”

Catherine Nyaki Adeya-Weya

Dr. Catherine Nyaki Adeya-Weya is an Information Scientist with knowledge and skills in information development issues. These include social, political and economic potential and impacts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) particularly in Africa. Dr. Adeya-Weya has over 20 years experience in ICTs research having worked for agencies like the United Nations University/Institute for New Technologies (UNU-INTECH) in the Netherlands.  She has, for example, expertise in designing and managing large surveys. To this end, she has been a Team Leader in a number of research projects…. Read More » “Catherine Nyaki Adeya-Weya”

Eleanor Marchant

Eleanor Marchant is a PhD Candidate in Communications and at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. She has just returned from a year of ethnographic fieldwork examining the growth of the local technology startup scene in Nairobi, Kenya. Her dissertation explores how both global and local narratives about technology, entrepreneurship, and development – especially narratives emanating from Silicon Valley – are shaping how new communication technologies are being designed and built in Kenya. She is a Visiting Scholar with the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC) at the University of Southern California for the Spring 2017 semester…. Read More » “Eleanor Marchant”

Gabriel Laender

Gabriel Laender is a Brazilian attorney, ICT researcher and legal tech entrepreneur. He was policy advisor to the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the President´s Office (SAE), and later became telecommunication advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Executive Office of the President (Casa Civil), where he coordinated the regulatory aspects of the Brazilian National Broadband Plan. He has a Law Ph.D. from the University of Brasilia, where he is a fellow and founding member of the Telecommunication Law Research Group (Getel)…. Read More » “Gabriel Laender”

Marcio Iorio Aranha

Marcio Iorio Aranha is a tenured Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Brasilia School of Law, Coordinator of the Center on Law and Regulation ( and Director of the Center for Communications Policy, Law, Economics and Technology (CCOM) at the University of Brasilia. He is a Research Affiliate with the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC) at the University of Southern California and a past Visiting Fellow…. Read More » “Marcio Iorio Aranha”

Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol

Mobile communication has been one of her main areas of study since 2003, with a combined sociological and economic focus. Her interests are set both in developed and in developing countries.
With a background in economics, she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona. She approaches research from a multidisciplinary point of view, combining quantitative and qualitative techniques.
She develops this interest from three different perspectives: the analysis of the contribution of mobile communication to development,… Read More » “Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol”

Natascha Just

Natascha Just is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. Prior to joining MSU, she was a senior research and teaching associate in the Media Change & Innovation Division, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research (IPMZ), University of Zurich, Switzerland (2008-2016); a Hertha Firnberg Scholar at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna, Austria (2005-2008); a visiting researcher at Stanford Law School (2007);… Read More » “Natascha Just”