Annette Kim

Annette M. Kim, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the Sol Price School of Public Policy. She is also the Director of SLAB, the newly formed spatial analysis laboratory at Price that advances the visualization of the social sciences for public service through teaching, research, and public engagement.
Her current research examines the livelihood strategies of migrants and immigrants in rapidly growing Asian cities through spatial ethnography and humanistic cartography. She has also researched the development of real estate markets and the reformation of property rights in transition countries in Eastern Europe and Asia…. Read More » “Annette Kim”

Ellen Helsper

Dr Ellen Helsper is Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor in the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her current research interests include the links between social and digital inclusion; (digital) media audiences, mediated interpersonal communication; and quantitative and qualitative methodological developments in media research.
She is currently involved in the following research projects: Socio-digital Skills of Disadvantaged Young People for the Prince’s Trust (i.e…. Read More » “Ellen Helsper”

Frank Nagle

Frank Nagle is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the Marshall School of Business at USC. He studies the economics of IT and digitization with a focus on free digital goods using large datasets from online social networks, financial market information, and surveys of enterprise IT usage. His research examines how the digital economy and crowdsourcing are weakening firm boundaries and causing mismeasurements of productivity measures like GDP.
Prior to academia, Frank worked in information security where he responded to corporate hackings and developed a bootcamp that all FBI cyber agents must pass before entering the field…. Read More » “Frank Nagle”

Judith Mariscal Aviles

Judith Mariscal (Ph.D. in Public Policy from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) and Director of the Telecommunications Research Program (Telecom-CIDE). Telecom-CIDE has been creating and disseminating knowledge on ICT for development for the past fifteen years. She is a member at the highest level (III) of the National Research System in Mexico (SNI), and member of the Steering Committee of the Regional Dialogue on the Information Society (DIRSI),… Read More » “Judith Mariscal Aviles”

Marcio Iorio Aranha

Marcio Iorio Aranha is a tenured Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Brasilia School of Law, Coordinator of the Center on Law and Regulation ( and Director of the Center for Communications Policy, Law, Economics and Technology (CCOM) at the University of Brasilia. He is a Research Affiliate with the Annenberg Research Network on International Communication (ARNIC) at the University of Southern California and a past Visiting Fellow…. Read More » “Marcio Iorio Aranha”

Valerie D’Costa

Valerie D’Costa is the Senior Private Sector Specialist in charge of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program at the World Bank Group.
A multifaceted leader with 25+ years of international development and technology experience, Valerie has proven strengths in managing ambitious programs, capacity building, international negotiations and advocacy, and engaging stakeholders from public, private and NGO communities. Her subject matter expertise is in relation to issues of ICTs, technology for development and the Internet. Moreover, she has a talent for bringing public and private donors together and aligning partners and resources in funding programmatic partnerships;… Read More » “Valerie D’Costa”