Guest lecture on the Tumultuous Liberation of Wireless Technology

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

12:30 pm - 2:01 pm

TomHazlett.SP.4.17Thomas Hazlett, Endowed Professor of Economics in the John E. Walker Department of Economics at Clemson University and director of the Information Economy Project, will be giving an ARNIC guest lecture on September 28th. He talk about his book “The Political Spectrum: The Tumultuous Liberation of Wireless Technology, from Herbert Hoover to the Smartphone” followed by Q&A. Lunch will be provided.

Description of the book:

Popular legend has it that before the Federal Radio Commission was established in 1927, the radio spectrum was in chaos, with broadcasting stations blasting powerful signals to drown out rivals. In this fascinating and entertaining history, Thomas Winslow Hazlett, a distinguished scholar in law and economics, debunks the idea that the U.S. government stepped in to impose necessary order. Instead, regulators blocked competition at the behest of incumbent interests and, for nearly a century, have suppressed innovation while quashing out-of-the-mainstream viewpoints.

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