Jeffrey Cole – Research Projects at the Center for the Digital Future

Friday, January 29th, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:20 pm


Join us on January 29th @ 12:00 pm PST for Jeffrey Cole’s overview of the research projects at the Center of the Digital Future.   

Jeffrey Cole, director of the Center of the Digital Future ( will outline current research coming out of the Center. The session will focus on:

1. The World Internet Project (WIP) Our 21 year and continuing tracking of digital in over 30 countries
2. Our about to be launched 5-year Covid Reset Project.
3. The launch of the Gross Domestic Knowledge Product (GDKP).

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Jeffrey Cole has been at the forefront of media and communication technology issues both in the United States and internationally for the past three decades. An expert in the field of technology and emerging media, Cole serves as an adviser to governments and leading companies around the world as they craft digital strategies.

In July 2004 Dr. Cole joined the USC Annenberg School for Communication as Director of the newly formed Center for the Digital Future and as a Research Professor. Prior to joining USC, Dr. Cole was a longtime member of the UCLA faculty and served as Director of the UCLA Center for Communication Policy, based in the Anderson Graduate School of Management. Cole founded and directs the World Internet Project, a long-term longitudinal look at the effects of computer and Internet technology, which is conducted in over 35 countries. Cole regularly presents trends and insights of the project to the White House, FCC, Congress, Department of Defense and heads of governments around the world.

Under Cole’s leadership, the Center has conducted deep examinations of the entertainment, sports media, transportation and banking industries to identify where the next wave of disruption will occur. More than just identifying trends, the Center works closely with industry to create policies and make the concrete changes that will keep them competitive. That work includes all five (formerly six) motion picture studios, all four networks and now streaming companies, as well as sports networks, leagues, automotive companies and banks.

In 2020 Cole received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor awarded to distinguished Americans including Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners and CEOs who exemplify a life dedicated to their community and the world at large.