ARNIC members presented at TPRC

Our ARNIC member Dr. Erezi Ogbo presented her paper titled Acceptance and Effective Use of Virtual Assistants, co-authored with Professor Janice Hauge. In this paper, they investigate how individuals use virtual assistants to complete various household tasks. They further identify characteristics that are associated with individuals’ willingness and ability to use virtual assistants effectively. 

Associate Professor and ARNIC Director Hernan Galperin moderated a panel at the 49th Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC). The panel features three research papers. The research team led by Jie Jiang from Simmons University discusses how public libraries can use broadband measurement tools and how such tools can further support network infrastructure and digital services. Ryan Wang from Penn State University investigates how ICTs access can have an impact on the workplace mobility change. David Clark and Sara Wedeman from Massachusetts Institute of Technology discusses how the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT), a tool that is frequently used as a measure for the speed of a data transfer, can be interpreted in different contexts.

Source: TPRC2021