Meet an ARNIC member – Matt Bui

This week we are putting the spotlight on third year doctoral student Matt Bui. In addition to his research at USC, Matt is also the Randall Lewis Data Science Fellow at the Southern California Association of Governments.


Name: Matthew Bui

General research interests: urban data science, digital inclusion, digital and data equity, telecommunications policy

What projects are you currently working on?
1. Yelp and hipster coffee shops in Los Angeles: The mediation of neighborhood change.
2. Using Zillow data to examine neighborhood changes in LA.
3. Communicating with big data for justice: Critical design and implementation issues in local planning
4. Race & ethnicity in Internet policymaking
Do you have any upcoming presentations?
ICA 2018 – co-presenting with the best colleague, Rachel E. Moran and attending the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme…maybe a few others but TBD!
Who has been your favorite ARNIC seminar guest? Ramesh Srinivasan – his presentation about how our epistemologies of technology shape how we think about, design, and use technology. It touched on key questions for me re:the social construction and experiences of tech.
Within the ARNIC network – who’s work most interests you and why?
Well, I’ve been working with them so I might be biased…  Hernan for his political economic approaches to examining digital access and infrastructures, and Francois for his spatial outlook, questions, and approaches to digital issues.
You can join Matt at our next ARNIC seminar on April 17th. You can contact him about his research at