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Thursday, November 8th

November 8, Tianshu Sun (USC Marshall): Displaying Things in Common to Encourage Friendship Formation

12:30 pm - 1:50 pm, ASC 236

Join us on November 8 to hear Dr. Tianshu Sun (University of Southern California Marshall School of Business). Tianshu Sun’s research conducted in collaboration with leading private and public sector platforms addresses how firms can use business analytics and large-scale field experiments in conjunction with big data to improve business decisions. His current research focuses on understanding 1) how digital platforms can use IT-enabled and analytics-driven interventions to influence information sharing among individuals, and 2) how organizations can leverage mobile devices and Internet of Things to influence individuals’… Read More » “November 8, Tianshu Sun (USC Marshall): Displaying Things in Common to Encourage Friendship Formation”

Latest News

New policy brief on broadband competition in LA county

A new policy brief has been published as part of the Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project, along with an interactive mapping tool. The findings indicate that broadband competition remains weak throughout LA County. While the share of residents able to choose between two or more competitors increased in 2016, about half still lacked choice in broadband service. Further, these gains in competition mostly benefited higher-income areas,… Read More » “New policy brief on broadband competition in LA county”

James E. Prieger visits ARNIC to discuss mobile broadband use among racial minorities

On October 18th, ARNIC welcomed guest speaker Dr. James E. Prieger, who discussed “The promise of mobile broadband for minority communities.” Dr. Prieger is an economist specializing in regulatory economics, industrial organization, economics of illicit markets, and applied econometrics. He is a Professor at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy.
Dr. Prieger has written for scholarly journals on a diverse array of policy topics such as the impact of telecommunications regulation on innovation; broadband deployment and the digital divide;… Read More » “James E. Prieger visits ARNIC to discuss mobile broadband use among racial minorities”

Congratulations to several ARNIC members for recent publications!

In the past few months, several of our student ARNIC members have written publications that have been accepted into esteemed academic journals. Please join us in congratulating these scholars!

Arul Chib (PhD 2007) Hoan Nguyen (Annenberg Doctoral Student), “Essentialist Identities as Resistance to Immobilities: Communicative Mobilities of Vietnamese Foreign Brides in Singapore,” International Journal of Communication.

Nathaniel Ming Curran,… Read More » “Congratulations to several ARNIC members for recent publications!”

Latest Blog Posts

Meet an ARNIC member – Anna Loup

This week we are putting the spotlight on second year Communication PhD student Anna Loup. Anna has been an active member of ARNIC for several years and is currently working on some very exciting research projects!

Name: Anna Loup
General research interests: My interests are currently focused on researching the underlying critical infrastructures that enable and maintain digital communication technologies. I am predominantly interested in the power structures inherent in how these critical infrastructure systems are developed,… Read More » “Meet an ARNIC member – Anna Loup”

Broadband: We must do better

(This article was originally published on The Conversation)
By Hernan Galperin, François Bar and Annette M. Kim
Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative people and businesses in the planet. Our filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, software engineers and scientists entertain the world and push the knowledge frontier forward. Their process is often a mystery, but their tools are not. Underpinning their intellectual pursuit is broadband Internet access, which fosters creativity and innovation by enabling access to information and supporting collaborative work…. Read More » “Broadband: We must do better”

Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room

Among the conceivably infinite social and economic effects of the internet is the rise of women-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. For over thirty years, donor and international aid programs have invested heavily to help women in developing countries build and grow microenterprises, the business context in which the terms “woman” and “entrepreneur” have until recently been linked.
As a result of labor exploitation, human deprivation, illicit markets and the wealth disparities that have ensued from globalization,… Read More » “Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room”