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Profs. Hernan Galperin and Francois Bar present findings from CCIG project to CETF

Profs. Hernan Galperin and Francois Bar presented findings from the Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project at the annual meeting of the California Emerging Technologies Fund (CETF). In attendance were CETF leaders, grantees and its Board of Advisors. The presentation can be found here…. Read More » “Profs. Hernan Galperin and Francois Bar present findings from CCIG project to CETF”

Digital DNA presented at IPSA conference in Hannover, Germany

Prof. Jonathan Aronson presented his new book ‘Digital DNA Disruption and the Challenges for Global Governance’ at the International Political Science Association (IPSA) conference that took place in Hannover, Germany. The book presentation panel included co-author Peter Cowhey (UCSD), Prof. Chris Marsden (University of Sussex), Prof. J.P. Singh (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Janice Stein (University of Toronto) and Prof. Robin Mansell (London School of Economics and Political Science)…. Read More » “Digital DNA presented at IPSA conference in Hannover, Germany”

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Broadband: We must do better

(This article was originally published on The Conversation)
By Hernan Galperin, François Bar and Annette M. Kim
Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative people and businesses in the planet. Our filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, software engineers and scientists entertain the world and push the knowledge frontier forward. Their process is often a mystery, but their tools are not. Underpinning their intellectual pursuit is broadband Internet access, which fosters creativity and innovation by enabling access to information and supporting collaborative work…. Read More » “Broadband: We must do better”

Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room

Among the conceivably infinite social and economic effects of the internet is the rise of women-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. For over thirty years, donor and international aid programs have invested heavily to help women in developing countries build and grow microenterprises, the business context in which the terms “woman” and “entrepreneur” have until recently been linked.
As a result of labor exploitation, human deprivation, illicit markets and the wealth disparities that have ensued from globalization,… Read More » “Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room”

Geek Heresy Book Review

Toyama’s (2015) Geek Heresy is a poignant self-reflection and examination of the misguided promises and immense pitfalls of techno-centrism within information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D) work, particularly in relation to international efforts and projects attempting to foster economic development or address the knowledge gap. That is, throughout this accessible, non-academic read, Toyama debunks techno-deterministic myths and imaginaries within industries such as education, business, and computer science. He illustrates the ways in which these narratives have misinformed ICT4D interventions and led to failed attempts at addressing social ailments…. Read More » “Geek Heresy Book Review”