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Inviting applications for a Digital Equity Postdoctoral Fellowship

We invite applications for a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship during the 2021-2022 academic year, starting as soon as July 2021, focused broadly on issues of digital equity and broadband affordability. The Postdoctoral Fellow will work on a grant-funded research project analyzing how best to sustainably connect low-income and marginalized U.S. populations to high-speed internet service they can afford and use. The fellowship allows scholars to advance their research agenda in the field through formal and informal training and extensive collaboration with distinguished researchers. … Read More » “Inviting applications for a Digital Equity Postdoctoral Fellowship”

New publication: Skid Row Power Now! A Participatory Co-design Project to Power up Digital Devices in Skid Row

Prof. Bar and his team just published a new paper based on collaborative work with LA CAN (LA Community Action Network) that discusses the co-design project to bring power to cellphones for Skid Row residents. The paper will be presented at the ACM Communities & Technologies conference next month. Full cite below (the doi link won’t work until conference proceedings are published).

Paulina Lanz, Todd Cunningham, Hoan (Sarah) Nguyen, Pete White, and François Bar…. Read More » “New publication: Skid Row Power Now! A Participatory Co-design Project to Power up Digital Devices in Skid Row”

CETF-USC Statewide Broadband Adoption Survey

Since 2008, the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has administered a statewide survey that seeks to assess California’s progress towards closing the digital divide in broadband connectivity across the state. Over the years, the results have shown a steady increase in broadband adoption, though the gains have been unequal across regions and subpopulations. Under a new research partnership between CETF and USC, Prof. Hernan Galperin is leading the implementation of the 2021 CETF-USC Broadband Adoption survey…. Read More » “CETF-USC Statewide Broadband Adoption Survey”

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Meet an ARNIC member – Anna Loup

This week we are putting the spotlight on second year Communication PhD student Anna Loup. Anna has been an active member of ARNIC for several years and is currently working on some very exciting research projects!

Name: Anna Loup
General research interests: My interests are currently focused on researching the underlying critical infrastructures that enable and maintain digital communication technologies. I am predominantly interested in the power structures inherent in how these critical infrastructure systems are developed,… Read More » “Meet an ARNIC member – Anna Loup”

Broadband: We must do better

(This article was originally published on The Conversation)
By Hernan Galperin, François Bar and Annette M. Kim
Los Angeles is home to some of the most creative people and businesses in the planet. Our filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, software engineers and scientists entertain the world and push the knowledge frontier forward. Their process is often a mystery, but their tools are not. Underpinning their intellectual pursuit is broadband Internet access, which fosters creativity and innovation by enabling access to information and supporting collaborative work…. Read More » “Broadband: We must do better”

Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room

Among the conceivably infinite social and economic effects of the internet is the rise of women-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. For over thirty years, donor and international aid programs have invested heavily to help women in developing countries build and grow microenterprises, the business context in which the terms “woman” and “entrepreneur” have until recently been linked.
As a result of labor exploitation, human deprivation, illicit markets and the wealth disparities that have ensued from globalization,… Read More » “Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room”