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2020 NCA Convention: ARNIC Student Presentations

Congrats to students who did a wonderful job delivering their work at the virtual 106th Annual Convention of the National Communication Association:

Sierra Bray“Rigidity Means Death:” Grappling with Academic Identity and Seeking Justice at the Crossroads of Feminist Scholarship and Experimental Methods

Sierra Bray, Olivia González, Building bonds, breaking barriers: Examining the impact of support networks on women’s professional socialization in doctoral STEM programs

Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, Maximillian Brichta, Soyun Ahn, Jackson de VightGender and the Question of Electability: How the Media Covered the 2020 Democratic Party  Presidential Primaries

Nathaniel Ming Curran, Knowledge vs. Practice: Towards a Typology of Cosmopolitanism

Nathaniel Ming Curran, Ownership and Authority: Teaching (Post)Colonial Languages Online

Nathaniel Ming Curran, Michael Chestnut,English Fever and Iced Coffee: Transient Cosmopolitanism and the Rising Cost of Distinction

Eduardo Gonzalez, Empathy and Death in Transnational Contexts: An Analysis of Media Coverage on Immigrant Deaths

Jingyi Sun, Aimei Yang, Adam J. Saffer, Evolving crisis and changing networks: NGOs’ stakeholder engagement on the global refugee crisis106th National Communication Association Annual Convention Organizational Communication Division Top Paper