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Connecting Skid Row Project

People experiencing homelessness are often socially marginalized and denied access to technology resources. Yet they find ways to use communication technologies such as smartphones and the Internet throughout their daily lives, to seek information, build or maintain social ties, or for entertainment. How do these practices help them acquire resources, access services or activate systems of social support?
The Connecting Skid Row Project explores these questions through community-engaged research with surveys, in-depth interviews,… Read More » “Connecting Skid Row Project”


Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG)

This research project seeks to map inequities in broadband infrastructure and digital access in greater Los Angeles, and explore their socioeconomic determinants and implications. By mapping the spatial distribution of broadband access and use at the most disaggregated level available, the project offers a comprehensive diagnosis that informs current policy initiatives and debates about digital inequality at the community level.
This initiative is a part of a larger research consortium that is undertaking similar efforts in large metropolises around the world,… Read More » “Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG)”


Discrimination and Inequality in the Gig Economy

Despite a large amount of evidence about discrimination in the gig economy, the mechanisms that result in lower earnings and fewer opportunities for women, racial minorities and other groups remain poorly understood. This project examines the underlying mechanisms of hiring and matching in digital labor platforms. In particular, it seeks to understand how platform architecture and user behavior interact to affect opportunities for different groups. The methodology combines big data analytics with traditional survey and experimental methods…. Read More » “Discrimination and Inequality in the Gig Economy”