ARNIC member Sunghan Ryu publishes new book Beauty of Crowdfunding

Congratulations to ARNIC member Sunghan Ryu on the recent publication of his book Beauty of Crowdfunding! Below is more information about the book as well as links to where you can purchase it.

While the limitation of the traditional capital market with its definite inequality has been discussed extensively, crowdfunding is expected to resolve the imbalance with a new approach.  It fosters new ventures and organizations that have been neglected by traditional investors. Crowdfunding promotes creativity and innovation, thereby supplying fuel for the sustainable development of our society. This book aims to expand our understanding on crowdfunding, focusing on whether crowdfunding really contributes to our communities and society and if so, how. This book intends to explore what aspects of crowdfunding fuel creativity and innovation and how crowdfunding changes our world into a better place. 

Preparing and writing this book, Beauty of Crowdfunding, the author was struck by the changes made through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has capabilities and potential to improve, cultivate, and change the world in a slow, but steady way. This book integrates the pioneering and recent academic works on crowdfunding to real best practices. By reading this book, readers identify five beautiful aspects of crowdfunding, creativity, diversity, balance, connection, and change, and how those aspects impact our community and society.


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