ARNIC Research Team Presents at the 2021 AOM Annual Meeting

ARNIC alumni Nathaniel Ming Curran (now an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University), ARNIC member Lichen Zhen and ARNIC’s director Professor Hernan Galperin presented their paper at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Their paper is entitled Race and Gender in the Gig Economy: Evidence from Online Language Learning. 

This paper is part of ARNIC’s ongoing research project on discrimination and inequality in the gig economy. Using survey data collected on an online language learning platform, our research team investigates discriminatory factors in students hiring language tutors in Race and Gender in the Gig Economy. The team found that gender and racial bias persists in online language learning platforms. However, exposure to foreign media may lower learners’ implicit racial bias when they make hiring decisions. This study also pointed out that stereotypes that native speakers are authentic representatives of the culture make local teachers less likely to be hired on language tutoring platforms. Their findings may help gig economy platforms design rules to build discrimination-free environments. 

For more information about this presentation, see their presentation slides here. To learn more about the AOM Annual Meeting, see here.