ARNIC’s New YouTube Channel

ARNIC now has a YouTube channel. There, you can find recordings of our last three ARNIC seminars from Fall 2021.

Dr. John Horrigan’s seminar, dated October 22, “What we know about closing the digital divide” addressed the nature and promise of effectively addressing the digital divide. Dr. Amy Gonzales’s seminar, dated November 5, “Importance of access to digital technology for building and maintaining social capital and quality of life” synthesized two studies demonstrating the essential nature of digital access for the health, quality of life, and social capital of individuals from marginalized communities. Dr. Thomas Hazlett’s seminar, dated November 12, “Rent seeking for non-exclusive spectrum rights in the 5.9 GHz band” discussed the competition for the 5.9 GHz radio band allocation.

More videos will be added throughout this semester.