Employment and Gender Digital Divide in Latin America

Congrats to ARNIC’s director Professor Hernan Galperin for his new publication in the Spanish-language journal Revista Latinoamericana de Economia y Sociedad Digital. The paper is titled “Employment and the Gender Digital Divide in Latin America: A Decomposition Analysis”.

The original publication in Spanish can be found here, and an English-language pre-publication version is available here.

ABSTRACT There is a vast literature that examines the determinants of the gender digital gap in developing countries and puts forth policy recommendations to mitigate it…. Read More » “Employment and Gender Digital Divide in Latin America”

Doctoral student Hoan Nguyen awarded top student paper

Congratulations to our own Hoan Nguyen who has won the student paper prize awarded by the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC) for her paper “ICTs Use for Mitigating Social Exclusion in the Lives of Homeless Women”. The paper, which is part of the Connected Skid Row Project, examines the role digital technology plays in countering social discrimination in the lives of homeless women. The paper is scheduled to the presented at the next TPRC conference In Washington DC,… Read More » “Doctoral student Hoan Nguyen awarded top student paper”

Mapping the distance learning gap in CA

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) report that examines the ability of K-12 students in California to engage in distance learning based on the availability of an internet-connected computer at home. This follows the release of previous report that focused on families in Los Angeles County. Access the full report here and the interactive map here (the report is also available in e-book format for easier reading)…. Read More » “Mapping the distance learning gap in CA”

COVID-19 and the Distance Learning Gap

As schools across the country transition to distance learning due to the COVID-19 crisis, a new Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) report documents the extent of the distance learning gap in Los Angeles County. The distance learning gap refers to the gap between students living in households with high-speed Internet and a desktop or laptop computer, and those without these essential resources for effective distance learning. Access the full report here.Read More » “COVID-19 and the Distance Learning Gap”

All Events at USC Cancelled

Hello everyone,

We at ARNIC hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this stressful time. As many of you have already heard, USC has decided to move courses online for the rest of the semester and also decided to suspend all on-campus events as a result of the surge in COVID-19 cases in California. This means that our ARNIC lecture series has also come to an abrupt end for this academic year. We apologize that we were not able to see this through to the end of the semester,… Read More » “All Events at USC Cancelled”

Thoughts on Steven Weber’s Presentation

By Juliana Dias

On Wednesday, February 12th, Steven Weber joined our ARNIC seminar. Steven, a 2020 Berggruen fellow, is a professor in the School of Information and Dept. of Political Science, UC Berkeley. He conducted the seminar in order to talk about his new project which is currently under development: “How to make Machine Translation a Force for Liberalism in Global Trade and Communications”.

Steven talked about the early stages of this project and the motivations behind it…. Read More » “Thoughts on Steven Weber’s Presentation”

ARNIC Member Hoan Nguyen Presents at PTC’20

Hoan Nguyen, ARNIC Member, and USC Annenberg Doctoral Student presented her paper entitled Splintering Communications: The Reality of Digital Practices Among People Experiencing Homelessness in an Urban Ghetto at the PTC’20: Vision 2020 and Beyond conference organized by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) in Honolulu from January 19-22. She also received the Yale M. Braunstein Student Award for this work at the meeting. 

Splintering Communications examines the digital practices among people experiencing homelessness in Skid Row – an urban ghetto located in downtown Los Angeles…. Read More » “ARNIC Member Hoan Nguyen Presents at PTC’20”

ARNIC member Sunghan Ryu publishes new book Beauty of Crowdfunding

Congratulations to ARNIC member Sunghan Ryu on the recent publication of his book Beauty of Crowdfunding! Below is more information about the book as well as links to where you can purchase it.

While the limitation of the traditional capital market with its definite inequality has been discussed extensively, crowdfunding is expected to resolve the imbalance with a new approach.  It fosters new ventures and organizations that have been neglected by traditional investors…. Read More » “ARNIC member Sunghan Ryu publishes new book Beauty of Crowdfunding”

Who Gets Access to Fast Broadband in Los Angeles?

In this new Policy Brief from the Connected Cities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project, we probe for evidence that ISPs in Los Angeles County are neglecting investments in low-income areas and communities of color.  The analysis is based on the most recent deployment data available for fixed residential services collected by the CPUC in combination with demographic information from the American Community Survey. The findings indicate that competition and fiber-based services are less likely in low-income areas and communities of color,… Read More » “Who Gets Access to Fast Broadband in Los Angeles?”