CCIG project releases Policy Brief #1: Home Broadband in Los Angeles

By Hernan Galperin / December 14, 2016

The Connected Cities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project has just released its first policy brief which focuses on competition and availability of home broadband in Los Angeles County. An interactive page with maps and stats will be available soon.

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Professor Galperin represents ARNIC at IGF 2016

By annenbergdl / December 12, 2016

Prof. Hernan Galperin represented ARNIC-USC Annenberg at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2016 in Guadalajara, participating on several panels. The first panel was titled “Advancing Solutions for Connectivity: Improving Global Coordination and Collaboration”, organized jointly by the IEEE, ISOC, ITU, UNESCO, WEF, and the World Bank. The second panel, organized by Prof. Christopher Yoo (UPenn),…

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Sarah Clayton attends ICANN57 in Hyderabad

By annenbergdl / December 5, 2016

PhD student Sarah Clayton was selected by the Noncommercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) at ICANN to serve as temporary alternate for a council representative on the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) Council at ICANN57 in Hyderabad in November.

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The Internet in Latin America

By annenbergdl / November 29, 2016

Professor Hernan Galperin participated in the seminar The Internet in Latin America, organized by the Internet Society (ISOC), held on November 22 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event also included Mr. Raul Echebarria, Vice President, ISOC, and Mr. Demi Getschko, Director of Brazil’s Internet Steering Committee (CGI) and a member of the Internet Hall of Fame.

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Women-Owned SMEs and Trade: More than Just an Elephant in the Room

By annenbergdl / November 23, 2016

Among the conceivably infinite social and economic effects of the internet is the rise of women-owned small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. For over thirty years, donor and international aid programs have invested heavily to help women in developing countries build and grow microenterprises, the business context in which the terms “woman”…

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Prof. Galperin’s research featured in JJN 2016 report

By annenbergdl / November 13, 2016

Congratulations to Professor Hernan Galperin, whose research about online labor in Latin America appeared in the Just Jobs Network‘s 2016 report, which was recently presented in Berlin, Germany.   The event was attended by high-level officials, including Mr. Celso Amorim, the longest-serving Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs; Hanif Dhakiri, the current Indonesian Minister of Manpower;…

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Geek Heresy Book Review

By annenbergdl / November 11, 2016

Toyama’s (2015) Geek Heresy is a poignant self-reflection and examination of the misguided promises and immense pitfalls of techno-centrism within information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D) work, particularly in relation to international efforts and projects attempting to foster economic development or address the knowledge gap. That is, throughout this accessible, non-academic read, Toyama debunks…

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Los Angeles-Shanghai Collaborative Comparative Project Funded

By annenbergdl / November 11, 2016

Recently, the University of Southern California (USC) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) joined forces to create the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI), based in Shanghai. As part of this initiative, the New Media Management Research Center was established, and the Shanghai enterprise Zizhu International Education Group agreed to fund collaborative research projects conducted by faculty from…

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Online Labor Platforms: Technology for Everyone?

By annenbergdl / November 2, 2016

(Repost of blog post by Ruchika Joshi on the JustJobs Network blog) The ILO projects that an additional 1.1 million people will be rendered jobless in 2017. Emerging and developing economies in particular are struggling to cope with the global jobs crisis, as vulnerable employment and underemployment continue to plague their labor markets. In light…

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Welcome to our new ARNIC site!

By Hernan Galperin / September 26, 2016

Welcome to the new ARNIC site! We are relaunching our online presence with a new URL and this redesigned website. There are several new features, including an events calendar, a Twitter feed, and a blog section.  Please visit us regularly for updates on our research seminar series, our various research projects, and opportunities to engage with…

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