Gabriel Laender joining ARNIC as a Visiting Scholar

By Shabby Tabesh / September 21, 2019

ARNIC is very excited to welcome Gabriel Laender as a visiting scholar! Gabriel Laender is a Brazilian attorney, ICT researcher and legal tech entrepreneur. He was policy advisor to the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the President´s Office (SAE), and later became telecommunication advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Executive Office of the President (Casa…

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ARNIC Partners with the City of Long Beach for Extensive Report on Advancing Digital Inclusion

By Sierra Bray / April 15, 2019

ARNIC recently contributed to a report spearheaded by the City of Long Beach Technology and Innovation Commission that provided an analysis and recommendations for advancing digital inclusion in Long Beach. U.S. Census data reveal that 28 percent of Long Beach households lack broadband from an internet service provider, and about 8 percent of this population…

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Gabriel Laender gives guest ARNIC lecture, “Blockchain for Policy: a Pragmatic Assessment”

By Sierra Bray / February 12, 2019

Gabriel Laender—Brazilian attorney, ICT researcher and legal tech entrepreneur—gave a guest lecture during our ARNIC lunchtime seminar on January 24. Drawing an impressive turnout, Laender provided a great kickoff of the semester for ARNIC.   Laender’s talk, titled “Blockchain for Policy: a Pragmatic Assessment,” touched on topics such as blockchain enthusiasts’ relationship with organizations and…

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Hernán Galperin co-authors chapter in new “Digital Economies at Global Margins” book (MIT Press)

By Sierra Bray / February 1, 2019

Prof. Hernán Galperin (director and founding member of ARNIC) recently co-authored a chapter in the new MIT Press book, Digital Economies at Global Margins. The book, edited by Mark Graham (Professor, The Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford), explores whether the digitalized economy may transcend “spatial, organizational, social, and political constraints,” or if these new technologies…

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British Member of Parliament Seema Malhotra visits ARNIC, gives guest lecture

By Sierra Bray / December 15, 2018

On Friday, November 30, ARNIC was fortunate to welcome British Member of Parliament (MP) Seema Malhotra to the USC campus. Malhotra is a British Labour and Cooperative Party politician and is the MP for the Feltham and Heston constituency. Organized by ARNIC founding director Prof. Jonathan Aronson, Malhotra joined Aronson and four student ARNIC members (Annenberg…

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ARNIC Director Dr. Hernán Galperin participates in G20 workshop in Tokyo

By Sierra Bray / December 8, 2018

Dr. Hernán Galperin, Associate Professor and ARNIC Director, participated in the inception workshop for the G20 meeting that will be held in Japan in 2019. The workshop took place in Tokyo December 4-5, and was hosted by the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI). Dr. Galperin is a member of the Task Force on The Future…

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Tianshu Sun (USC Marshall) joins ARNIC to discuss friendship formation in social networks

By Sierra Bray / November 16, 2018

On November 8, Dr. Tianshu Sun (University of Southern California Marshall School of Business) joined ARNIC as the guest speaker during our lunchtime seminar. Dr. Sun gave a talk titled, “Displaying Things in Common to Encourage Friendship Formation.” Specifically, Dr. Sun spoke about friendship formation on social platforms, specifically whether and how displaying things in common (TIC) between…

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ARNIC member Matthew Bui writes blog post for the Aspen Institute

By Sierra Bray / November 8, 2018

Matthew Bui, ARNIC member and fourth-year  Ph.D. student in Annenberg School of Communication, contributed a blog post to the Aspen Institute’s Communication & Society Program site based on his experiences as the 2018 Guest Scholar. In his blog post, Bui notes that the Aspen Institute’s Communications and Society (C&S) Program “gathers a wide array of…

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New policy brief on broadband competition in LA county

By Hernan Galperin / October 17, 2018

A new policy brief has been published as part of the Connected Communities and Inclusive Growth (CCIG) project, along with an interactive mapping tool. The findings indicate that broadband competition remains weak throughout LA County. While the share of residents able to choose between two or more competitors increased in 2016, about half still lacked choice…

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James E. Prieger visits ARNIC to discuss mobile broadband use among racial minorities

By Sierra Bray / October 16, 2018

On October 18th, ARNIC welcomed guest speaker Dr. James E. Prieger, who discussed “The promise of mobile broadband for minority communities.” Dr. Prieger is an economist specializing in regulatory economics, industrial organization, economics of illicit markets, and applied econometrics. He is a Professor at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy. Dr. Prieger has written for…

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