Araba Sey

Araba is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington’s Information School. She studies the social and economic implications of information and communication technologies (ICT) in developing countries. Her areas of interest include industry and user appropriation of mobile phones in low and middle-income countries, micro-entrepreneurship in the mobile phone industry, ICTs and disability, and recreational uses of ICTs. Araba holds a Ph.D. in communication from the University of Southern California…. Read More » “Araba Sey”


Arul Chib

Dr. Arul Chib, Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, and Director of the Singapore Internet Research Center, studies the contribution of information and communication technologies towards positive development outcomes. His research agenda focuses on the impact and role of mobile phones in healthcare systems in resource-constrained environments of developing countries, and in transnational migration to developed countries. Dr. Chib is increasingly interested in issues of power, with one research trajectory focusing on the intersection of gender with technology,… Read More » “Arul Chib”


Shabnam Shalizi

Specializing in global development impact and effectiveness, Shabnam Shalizi’s doctoral work at USC builds on her applied experience as a practitioner leading and supporting engagements in diverse landscapes, including the volatile setting of war. Her emphasis on communications and change stems from her performance measurement portfolio across multiple countries and sectors, including women’s economic empowerment, climate change, rule of law, food security and public financial management. Shabnam’s research interests include levers for change in how business and aid can work to build and maintain lasting,… Read More » “Shabnam Shalizi”


Jack Qiu

Jack Linchuan Qiu is a Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he serves as deputy director of the C-Centre (Centre for Chinese Media and Comparative Communication Research). His publications include World’s Factory in the Information Era 信息时代的世界工厂 (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2013),Working-Class Network Society (MIT Press, 2009),Mobile Communication and Society (co-authored, MIT Press, 2006), some of which have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Korean…. Read More » “Jack Qiu”


Martin Hilbert

Dr. Martin Hilbert pursues a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the role of information, communication, and knowledge in the development of complex social systems. He holds doctorates in Economics and Social Sciences (2006; F.A.U. Germany), and in Communication (2012; University of Southern California, USC).
Before joining UC Davis, he created and coordinated the Information Society Programme of United Nations Regional Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean ( In his 15 years as United Nations Economic Affairs Officer he provided hands-on technical assistance in the field of digital development to Presidents,… Read More » “Martin Hilbert”


Namkee Park

Namkee Park is Associate Professor and Underwood Distinguished Professor at the Department of Communication, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea. After graduating from the Annenberg School for Communication in 2007, he worked as an assistant professor at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma (OU). Being tenured and promoted to an associate professor at OU, he moved to his alma mater in South Korea, Yonsei University.

His academic interests include social and psychological implications of communication technologies along with computer-mediated communication (CMC)…. Read More » “Namkee Park”


Rong Wang

Rong Wang is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Networks for Non-profit and Social Impact (NNSI) at Northwestern University. She is interested in non-profit advocacy, network analysis, organizational communication, and ICT for development. At NNSI, she is currently working on an Army Research Office (ARO) grant examining collective impact and education reform.
Rong has published her work in Mass Communication and Society, International Journal of Communication, Journal of Community Psychology,… Read More » “Rong Wang”


Seungyoon Lee

Seungyoon Lee, Associate Professor at the Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University, received her Ph.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California in 2008.
Her research interest focuses on the evolution of communication, knowledge, and collaboration networks in and across organizations over time. Her current emphasis is on applying theories of socio-cultural evolution to complex forms of networks including multiplex and multimodal networks. Her ongoing projects examine the evolution of creative interaction and social ties in project teams;… Read More » “Seungyoon Lee”